12 Days of Vice: Green Hat Distilled Gin

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The Washington Post once famously wrote “Somehow or another, despite 17 years without it, Washingtonians seemed to hold their liquor quite well.” With that mentality in mind, and a “nod” to the dry years of the early 20th century, the New Columbia Distillers bring you the surprisingly smooth Green Hat Distilled Gin, ranking among some of the best small batch gins we’ve ever had. Named for a famous bootlegger who supplied Congressmen with their hooch during Prohibition, this unique barrel-aged gin is complimented by hints of juniper and earthy notes of caraway. Noted signature drinks to make with a bottle at hand are the Rickey (lime, crushed ice, carbonated water), the Gimlet (lime juice, simple syrup) and the Pegu Club (Curacao, lime juice, Angostura bitters, orange bitters). Keep it sneaky by keeping the bottle to yourself; you’ll notice it will last longer that way.

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